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  • 2020-04-28
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source GRID19

According  to  official  sources,  ‘hotspots’  have  been  identified on  the  basis  of  areas  where  large  COVID-19  outbreaks  have been  reported  or  in  clusters  with  a  significant  spread  of  the disease  according  to  the  guidelines  issued by  the  Ministry  of Health and Family  Welfare (MoHFW), Government of  India ,  heres how the zone termed with specific color name define ,  and below is the cities and districts that fall under specific zone. 

RED ZONE:  All the hotspot districts  with large outbreaks and clusters 


ORANGE ZONE:  Districts  which have not seen any  new  cases in the last 14 days 


GREEN ZONE:   All the non-infected districts are currently  considered  as Green  Zones.  A  red  zone district can be moved to the green zone if  there is no new case seen in the last 28 days and an orange zone district can be moved to the green zone if there is  no new  case seen in the last 14 days.